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The Island of Timor is one of the last islands in the long chain the Indonesian Archipelago.

East Timor is a mountainous Island, covering 13,200 square miles, and it is inhabited by 4million people who are of Papuan and Malay descent.

There are several specious of crocodile in Timor, and they enjoy a sacred status with the Timorese... 

Its people produced this wood carving having some kind of religious function, but that is generally what anthropologists will say when they have no idea what an article is or how it was used...

This artistic piece of supposed religious significance is carved from a single piece of wood from a "Suar" or Rain Tree -- (Samanea Saman)


It is 88 inches tall (almost 2.5 meters) and 26 1/2 inches (75.6 centimeters) at its widest point...

Carved from a log, it was scooped out on the inside like a canoe.  It is conjectured that a holy man could stand behind this huge mask and be the "voice of the gods..."

Length of the nose from brow to tip is 14 inches (40.5 cm).  A motif or recurring theme of 'threes' is noted.  Two lizards or crocodiles of one type oppose a larger lizard or crocodile of another type.

The motif of threes is continued above the brow in the form of raised circles or orbs...oe.  It is conjectured that a holy man could stand behind this huge mask and be the "voice of the gods..."

Sun Symbol has eight rays and is eight inches (19 cm) with a dappled effect at the apex of the point at the top which seems so reminiscent of the Flatwoods Monster...

Detail showing frowning angry "god" with the long ancient ears signifying wisdom perhaps... Thirteen circles in the stylized serpent below ear wear or facing serpents?

Seven rays adorning the altogether different conjectured sun symbol on the dome of the god's skull...

Face in left head of stylized serpent... seems to smile thinly?

Face in right head of stylized serpent... seems to frown thinly?

The impression of a lizard seems stronger than crocodilian.  And the paws seem more like hands?

What is this thing?  How old is it?  Who is the god depicted?  Why the repetition of threes?