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Speaker Information


Author and illustrator Frank Feschino, Jr. has recently produced an exciting new UFO documentary titled ; "SHOOT THEM DOWN - The Night They Were Here."

The UFO investigator, known for his work on the "Flatwoods Monster" case, opens up his lecture with an overview of his 16 year involvement of UFO research.

Feschino then presents his very informative 53 minute documentary which he wrote, produced, videotaped, and also narrates. He wastes no time and begins his story by describing his latest research regarding the flying saucer invasion occuring during the summer of 1952. Included  are detailed accounts of the infamous Washingto D.C. sightings and the Air Force's "Shoot Them Down" orders directed against flying saucers.

Feschino's military research and outstanding visuals capture an era in United States military history when the saucers frequented the skies over America during that summer.

The author then takes the audience on a visual trip to Flatwoods, West Virginia, "Home of the Green Monster. See and learn about Feschino's long investigation into the "Flatwoods Monster" incident that occurred on September 12, 1952 through the lens of his video camera.

He focuses on this incident by taking the viewer on a step-by-step walk on to the old farm where the 12-foot tall monster terrorized seven Flatwoods witnesses. See and hear the eyewitness testimonies and interviews of those involved in the actual 1952 incident that Feschino taped.

His quality illustrations and camera work are brought to life by special effects and editing visual technician Marcos Torres to recreate the terrifying Flatwoods Monster incident in full detail.

This documentary, the first of it's kind, features Nuclear Physicist Stanton T. Friedman who gives an overview of this ground breaking documentary.