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Folks -- about the physical trace case involving the alleged alien investigated by Ivan T. Sanderson.  Peculiar reptile traces are left in Braxton County, WV September 13 1952...


Silence is abruptly shattered!  Screams of terror pierce the night!


"On September 13, 1952, one day after the Flatwoods Monster incident,
another frightening alien encounter occurred in Braxton County.

  A peaceful sightseeing trip through the West Virginia mountains
suddenly turned into a night of terror. At dusk, a young couple drove
through Frametown and their automobile inexplicably stalled and refused
to start.

  Moments later, a burnt sulfur odor engulfed the area and sickened the
man and wife  as strange electrical charges filled the air as a UFO
hovered nearby.

   Shortly after, blood-curdling screams from the car echoed through the
mountains when a huge alien confronted the couple and stalked them while
circling the stalled car.


 Read about this riveting close encounter incident in "THE REPTILIANS"
chapter in Frank Feschino's new book


The Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed.

Frank Feschino


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